Hey there !

My name is Jungwoo.

I'm an emerging town planner and a recent graduate from the University of Queensland.

I'm currently studying a postgraduate degree in Applied Law at QUT, majoring in Project Mgmt.

Below, you can see some of the projects I've worked on during my study.

I am always keen to connect with new people and explore different opportunities, so feel free to get in touch!

Town Planning Report

The aim of the assessment was to produce a town planning report for a development that is climate responsive, whilst providing mixed uses and affordable housing in a low-medium/ medium density residential zone. Part of the assessment was to produce a presentation video aiming to persuade the Council and the public on the value of the development.

Development Proposal

This is the presentation video that is associated with the town planning report. The aim of the video presentation is to persuade the Council and the public on the value of the development.

West End Regeneration Plan

The assessment involved a co-design workshop that allowed us to identify key opportunities and constraints of West End. Working as a group, the West End Regeneration Plan was produced. The Regeneration Plan includes visions and strategies that incorporates existing heritage and cultural values.

Ellen Grove Placemaking Project

In 2019, I was involved in a research project at the University of Queensland. As a research assistant, my role was to document the co-design workshop between the planning students of UQ and the community of Ellen Grove. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to gain an in-depth knowledge of the community consultation and social planning process.

Digital Technologies and Smart Cities

Digital technologies have completely reshaped the way our cities function. While the emerging technologies provide many opportunities to our cities, they also present a whole new series of challenges. My report on digital technologies and smart cities identify and discuss the benefits and implications of new technologies on our urban environment.

Climate Change Impact & Health Implications in the State of New York

Climate Change is a significant issue in the modern society as global average temperature and sea-level are increasing at a significant level. This in-depth report discusses how climate change attributes impact people and cities. The state of New York is used as a case study example.

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